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We bring your favorite classes and teachers to you

We are a virtual yoga studio founded for the purpose of bringing accessible, high quality yoga classes into your home with both live and recorded content. Welcome to StayTunedYogaUnlimited! 

Your 1st class is FREE! Use code "WELCOME!" at checkout. Join us!


Lisa Cumberpatch and Hearon Dickson, and their families, have been friends for forty years. They were both well into middle age before becoming yoga teachers, having  become certified by Yoga Alliance with the wish to help make yoga accessible to everyone and every body. They have taught in both a studio environment and virtually, and they recognize that the landscape and availability of yoga classes has changed. Their goal is to both bring high quality yoga into your home and give yoga teachers a platform upon which to build their practice and connect to their clients.

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Your 1st class is FREE! Use code "WELCOME!" at checkout. Join us!

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